I typed up word-for-word the journal entry I wrote on September 11, 2001.

The library had been shut down because of the terrorist attacks. I stayed home: my year tuned to the radio because I didn’t have cable so my TV reception was halted.

At the International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) poetry event years ago I read this journal entry.

A woman in the audience told me she went home and cried because of what I wrote: it was that powerful.

I’m going to keep this blog entry short and then publish here the original journal entry.

I will not ever go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero.

I consider the firefighters who were first responders to be civilian veterans who served our country in a time of war. I consider the terrorist attacks to be an act of war committed on American soil.

The responders who died are in a far better place than our world will ever be.

The ones who lived: we might not get them back either.

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