I met a guy who was newly arrived here from Syria.

I would’ve like to ask him what he thought of the U.S. starting another war in the Middle East. It was possible he’d escaped the violence in his own country.

Our children will be forced to fight these endless wars that can’t be won. Who do you think is supplying these countries with weapons? The military industrial complex is alive and well in America.

The day is coming when every American will be forced to fight for our country. We’ll come back with missing limbs and broken brains if at all we come back.

America shouldn’t be the world’s policeman. And isn’t it reprehensible how Rwanda and Darfur happened without U.S. military action? I lost a friendship on New Year’s Day 2007 after I lost it when Saddam Hussein was hanged for killing 84 Muslims. Where was the U.S. when Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge went on a killing spree in Cambodia? Were the Asians a paler shade of religion and thus immune from our intervention?

I’m not a fan of organized religion precisely because religion is used as an excuse to be homophobic, to kill people, to deny women our rights. I’m not going to warm a pew and pretend I agree with the hate masquerading as Christianity.

An eye for an eye doesn’t solve things. These wars can’t be won. Just remember: you’re electing congresspersons and senators who are war-mongers bilking U.S. citizens of our human capital and financial resources that could be spent on solving America’s problems.

After the second Iraq war, consultants were paid billions of dollars to go into Iraq on a trumped-up excuse of improving that country. What the consultants did was destroy Iraq’s indigenous agriculture and replace it with GMO food. You can read about this in Uncertain Peril, an expose of GMO agribusinesses.

These wars. Are not good for anything.

The violence and hate that go on in the world have gone on for too long and will continue to go on indefinitely. We don’t have to join these haters in going crazy, fueled on xenophobia.

Mostly likely, after the 2016 presidential election, I will vote for the Green Party. If you ask me, the Green Party and the Libertarians are the ones who most likely get it right in their policies.

I long ago gave up driving a car because I didn’t want to have to be dependent on foreign oil.

I’ll end here by telling you that if you have young kids, be prepared: one day they will be forced to fight in these wars as soon as they turn 18. Military service is mandatory in Israel and the day is coming when our elected officials will make military service mandatory in the U.S.

That day is coming. Kiss goodbye to your son’s and daughter’s freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives. They will be forced to fight these wars.

Something to think about. Unless of course you agree that your sons and daughters deserve to come back with missing limbs and broken brains.

Each of us has the choice whether to contact our elected officials and tell them: Get out of Iraq. Get out of Syria. Stop. The insanity. Stop it now.

I know which side I’m on. The side where our humanity rules.

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