Spring Book Talks

I’m gearing up to give the book talk for the book launch at the Bookmark Shoppe in two weeks.

I’ll read short excerpts from Left of the Dial and sign copies of the book people buy.

My Italian mother promises to bring a tray of cookies.

As I read through certain chapters I find myself not wanting to talk about the illness anymore yet of course I will be as specific and detailed as I can within the hour allotted to me.

I think the point is that when you achieve recovery or you achieve remission or you achieve the two at the same time: the hell is gone. Hell doesn’t have to last forever. It can end.

That doesn’t suggest that we’ll forget what happened to us or that it won’t resonate with us deeply at times.

I have always had a photographic memory even after I was diagnosed. This aided me in recreating the events of the book. Yet I think the beauty of recovery is that you move forward into a better life. The painful memories don’t have to exist as a permanent open wound.

We can heal what we feel.

I’m excited to meet everyone at the book talks.


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