The Way I See It

The point is not that a person is only worthy if they contribute to the economic stream in society. I’m one of a minority of people who sees through this claim. My contention is not that you have to be a JD or MD to get respect in society.

The way I see it (and I always have) is that doing the job(s) you love enables you to recover. I firmly believe that if I stayed home all day watching TV I wouldn’t have recovered.

The job a person does can be volunteer work. It can be caring for an ill parent. It can be singing in a rock band. It can be anything that gives you joy and satisfaction.

If a person wants to watch TV all day that’s their choice. So be it. I simply want to offer an alternative and readers can decide if it makes sense for them. At HealthCentral shortly I will talk about doing volunteer work.

I’m a big fan of doing volunteer work. Years ago I volunteered in the summer at a thrift shop. Hey: the store was air-conditioned and it beat doing nothing on a Saturday.

The choice(s) of what each of us wants to do with our time are up to us.

I’ll end here by stating I make the case for doing what gives you joy.

Always: I make the case for doing what gives you joy.

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