Between the World and Me

I’m set to read this week the Ta Ne-hisi Coates book Between the World and Me. I’m excited to read the book.

Christine DeLorey in her book Life Cycles makes one point perfectly clear. I recommend you buy this book to read. Since I’m recommending this book consider the quote below to be part of a book review:

“But, alas, for as long as we label ourselves the human ‘race,’ how can we help but be rac-ists? Racism will continue to retard our progress until we realize that the human ‘race’ must end in order for a free and peaceful humanity to begin.

Ignorance of our cyclical nature has led us to believe that competition is the way to proceed through life. This is how the word “race” came about when describing the diversity of human existence. Everything we do is a race or contest of some kind. And because we are still denying the effects of guilt, the race has become diabolical. It is no longer competition, but war, being declared at all levels. This is the ‘racism’ our judgments and beliefs have created.

We deny our racist behavior, insisting that there are different meanings to the word race. There are not. Race means CONTEST. And what is a contest if not a declaration of superiority?”

Getting ahead in the world years ago signaled you were part of “the rat race.” Is the term “the rat race” still used?

I recommend you buy and read the DeLorey book because it’s right-on about this and other topics.

I’m going to end here and come back on Thursday with ideas about how this applies to recovery.

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