Making Life Easier in Recovery

The past is over–it had an expiration date. Only today matters. We each of have one day–today–in which to do things to create a better life for ourselves.

Linda Ellerbee is quoted: “Change is one form of hope. To risk change is to believe in tomorrow.”

It’s my contention that each of us can do things to make our lives easier living in recovery. Like I said there’s no one path that we have to take. Detours are to be expected. If we reach a dead end we can back up and go a different way.

A couple of people criticized me for focusing on fashion in my memoir Left of the Dial. Yet I maintain that having a love of fashion enabled me to recover just like having the job I love enabled me to recover.

I firmly believe that doing what makes us happy can make our lives easier.

George Brescia wrote the book Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life. It’s a great book. You don’t have to believe me.

Here’s what George has to say: “Our clothing has the power to help us manifest the goals, dreams, and desires we hold closest to our hearts.”

I recommend buying the book and reading it.

So often getting rid of old outdated or outgrown or worn-out clothes is the first step in making room for the new and improved in our lives: whether that new thing is one new item of clothing, a new person, or a new belief about what you’d like to do in the future.

I say: whatever a person can do to make their lives easier is worth trying out. If it doesn’t work, you can try something different.

It’s precisely because life in recovery can be so hard that I’m all for doing little things that can make our lives easier. Call these life hacks if you want.

It could take experimenting with new hobbies or new routines to figure out works to commit to. Like throwing spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks as the expression goes.

In this regard I’ll end here by suggesting that you can better find out what’s going to stick by getting help figuring it out. The book Born for This I recommend as a great catalyst in helping readers find their right livelihood and right life hacks.


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