Geriatric Mental Health

I want to know: What is NAMI-National doing to advocate for older adults and senior citizens with mental health conditions? Absolutely nothing.

Those of us in our sixties and seventies now whose parents aren’t going to be around a lot longer are left in the lurch as NAMI-National devotes precious resources and money to the guru du jour who advocates for not taking medication and remaining psychotic the rest of your life.

That is what NAMI-National is doing to advocate for people: paying good money to anti-psychiatry gurus to speak at their yearly convention instead of devoting resources and funds to helping older adults and senior citizens.

Father’s Day is next week. This is a painful reminder for some of us that our father is gone. If we’re lucky, our mother is still alive.

No one talks either about how older adults with mental health conditions are supposed to take care of our aging parents. The media talks about “the sandwich generation”–adults who have to raise kids at the same time they need to care for older parents.

Well why isn’t NAMI-National advocating for US: the forgotten generation, and for our aging parents who can no longer take care of us because we have to take care of them?

Riddle me this Batwoman:

Who’s going to care for our caregivers when our caregivers become ill?

Who’s going to advocate for housing in safe neighborhoods for older Americans and senior citizens with mental health conditions who can’t afford to live in good neighborhoods?

Who’s going to talk about gentrification of neighborhoods in terms of how it displaces people with mental health conditions who live on a low income?

Who’s going to care?

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