Institutional Rage

The New York Daily News newspaper listed on its front cover today the names of at least 35 African Americans that cops have shot dead over the years.

I would like to take that cover and list those names here.

In other blog entries I have stated that I have zero tolerance for hate, violence, and killing.

When will this end?

I was told that a bunch of guys in a stairwell were talking too loud by a guy who claimed he could hear what they were saying. He was farther away from the stairwell than I was and I couldn’t hear a word they were saying.

Regardless I told the guy who was miffed that I would ask the guys to lower their voices. I went into the stairwell and told them that a guy at the table complained they were talking too loud and disrupting the peace.

I told them that I hadn’t heard a word they were saying that I was just relying what the other guy said.

“We can’t even talk about this out loud for crying out loud,” one of the stairwell guys was infuriated.

I knew exactly what they were talking about without having heard them speak.

I’m going to continue to write about this in the coming blog entries.

I’ve had run-ins with white male cops [in Brooklyn] who treated me a white petite woman WITH CONTEMPT so as you can see I’ve had no love of cops for at least 12 years now.

I was attacked by a blonde-haired blue eyed woman who was trespassing and when we called the cops they refused to do anything to charge her with trespassing. If you ask me the cops did nothing because she had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Yet this woman was a true lunatic.

A cop and a gun is now a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

I fear for my life from cops and I’m not even black.

When is this going to end?

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