Death By Cop

The New York Daily News newspaper listed this week the names of people shot by cops. I want to list the names here:

Prince Jones

Freddie Gray

Walter Scott

Tamir Rice

Michael Brown

Laquan McDonald

Eric Garner

Keith Childress

Bettie Jones

Malcolm Ferguson

John Crawford III

Junior Prosper

Keith McLeod

Dontre Hamilton

Dante Parker

Tanisha Anderson

Rumain Brisbon

Ramarley Graham

Amadou diallo

Tony Robinson

Jonathan Ferrell

McKenzie Cochran

Kajiee Powell

Akai Gurley

Jerame Reid

Yvette Smith

Philip White

Eric Harris

Jordan Baker

Ezell Ford

Jamar Clark

Carlos Alcis

Larry Jackson

Kimani Gray

Chavis Carter

Kendrec McDade

Rekia Boyd

Shereese Francis

Wendell Allen

Manuel Loggins

Alonzo Ashley

Aiyana Jones

Steven Washington

Aaron Campbell

Victor Steen

Shem Walker

Tarika Wilson

DeAunta Farrow

Ronald Madison

Timothy Stansbury

James Brissette

Kenneth Chamberlain

Sean Bell

Henry Glover

Oscar Grant

Tarika Wilson

Alberta Spruill

Ousmane Zongo

Orlando Barlow

Timothy Thomas

Alton Sterling

Philando Castile

And I’m tired of people making excuses–you know who you are–for why these events are ever justified.

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