Unreal Real Estate Agent

I can concede that in some regards Op-Ed columnists are right as evidenced by my own experience.

From December 2010 to early January 2011 I had the misfortune of using a real estate agent to show me apartments. She must have thought that because I was white she could start talking trash about African Americans and others who aren’t white.

All I wanted was to be shown decent livable apartments that had the features I required. Instead every time I met her she showed me apartments way out of my price range and not ever suitable. One place had a refrigerator in the living room.

Not only that she spewed hate every time I met her. I have a photographic memory so I can remember every sentence she infamously uttered.

Thus I stopped contacting her. One day she called me to ask “So you want to see apartments?” and I told her not any more.

The dilemma is: I could’ve told her: I don’t do business with racists.” Or I could’ve at least said: “You have no business mixing your beliefs with your business.”

Either way: when a person like that is so unhinged I don’t want to argue with them or try to set them straight. You don’t know how they’ll go off on you.

My great friend thinks the government should’ve made reparations. How? That is a good question. The better question to ask is: How can we succeed in opening the closed minds of people who circa today still hate other people for no reason?

There’s a better way. It’s what I call “breaking bread.”

And I’ll talk about it in the next blog entry. I’ll talk about it because every day decent ordinary Americans ARE breaking bread together and no one in power in the media is talking about us.

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