Making America Great Right Now

We need to execute a wholesale change in how people with mental health challenges are treated in America.

We need to stop dividing people–along color lines; along disability lines; along demarcation lines of who’s normal and who’s not normal.

I say: be grateful for your good fortune. Yet always remember those of us who are less fortunate.

Business-as-usual in American society–in terms of treating people with mental health conditions; in allowing access to any kind of basic healthcare; in lobbying for ordinary Americans–has failed big time over the years.

Do you want to Make America Great Again? It wasn’t ever really great in the ways that count–on that this great country has fallen down. On this it wasn’t ever great: giving every citizen–kid, teen, adult, senior–the mental and emotional hygiene we need to succeed.

Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) are perfectly fine alternatives to vote for in this political climate where business-as-usual threatens to continue to dominate mental health policy and other policy.

A starving person will eat whatever food they’re given. A person rendered powerless will not speak up. Do you want to remain hungry and powerless for the rest of your life, relying on crumbs from the table?

If you don’t want to see people with mental health conditions and drug addictions getting sicker and sicker locked up in jail–now is the time to become a citizen activist.

The time is right now to take action. The time is in November to vote for the candidate you think is the right one.

If you think Mr. Toupee is a worthy contender, by all means it’s your right to vote for him. You want to vote for Hillary Clinton–go right ahead too.

I for one am voting for Jill Stein.

First of all because I think street drug use should be legal. Second because I’m against the environmental dangers of using pesticides and industrial agriculture to grow GMO crops.

In this regard:

I don’t think anything will change. I’m confident that Mr. Toupee will become our next president. I’m confident that our elected officials will continue to be bought by big business.

I have no confidence that things will change. Yet I will continue to speak out on the things that matter. It comes down to this:

“Nothing about us without us.”

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