twinkling starlight

Cristina Carlino founded philosophy–the women’s beauty product company.

Carlino has a Visionary archetype and she has since moved on to create the Archetypes website. There you can take the quiz to find your Top 3 Archetypes.

A woman gave me a gift. Inside the package was a bottle of philosophy twinkling starlight shampoo. The message on the bottle reads:

philosophy: our delightful differences are what makes us all unique. it’s wonderful when you think about it; out of the millions on earth, there’s only one you. like snowflakes, no two are the same. we each have our own brilliance that shines in life’s diverse galaxy where every body is a star.

Yes–you got that right. Read it again.

A percentage of the philosophy product sales goes towards mental health charities.

Imagine: a beauty product can cheer you up.

I tell you: the number-one thing to do to succeed is to find your purpose in life and go do that. I’m an activist–first of all for mental health and right now to advocate for universal love in the world.

In the rooms where I do public speaking gigs people of all stripes and colors and stories come together to share their hope that having a better life is possible and having peace of mind is possible.

It starts and ends–everything in life does–with advancing universal love in this world where it seems hate has come home to roost.

Most of all I wanted to publish my memoir to show others that there’s no shame in having a mental health challenge–that the start of a better recovery happens when you look your illness in the eye and claim it. Instead of denying it or feeling “less than” because you have it.

The term for this that used to be bandied about was self-stigma. If you ask me, too many people have allowed themselves to get beaten down by self-stigma.

A better recovery truly starts with self-acceptance as the foundation on which to build your new life post-breakdown.

Readers: you are going to fail at anything you want to do if you don’t embrace what makes you you and use these gifts to create your own version of a full and robust life.

Squandering our gifts is the foolproof way to continue to have ill health and to fail to thrive.

The grass isn’t greener at another person’s house. The grass is greener in your own backyard–you just need to have the courage to focus on what you can do and be and have. Instead of dwelling on and regretting what you can’t have and throwing yourself a pity party.

To all you twinkling stars out there I say: shine on. Be your own brilliant self.

Turn the spotlight on your best features, and use them to light the way for others.

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