Obtaining Sexual Equity

I’m compelled to write about hot topics in the news. To filter what’s happening through my critical eyes and offer insight to spark debate.

At fifty-three years old I’ve become a Rebel – Feminist.

You’re told to “stay in your lane” and not offend readers. My lane appears to be on the Left. This impacts what I have to say.

One news article in the Atlantic online yesterday stressed that we cannot abandon due process in trying in the courtroom men accused of sexual abuse.

“Innocent until proven guilty” is the tenet of justice that we’re supposed to adhere to in the U.S. legal system.

The Atlantic writer claims we cannot rush to take the side of the alleged victim.

The female author of the Atlantic article wrote about how college and university administrations have responded to women students who claim they were raped.

In response, it appears that male students have been told to ask permission at every step of the way in order to advance to “third base” and then consummate the act of having sex.

Innocent until proven guilty should be the legal standard with due process adhered to.

This is irrefutable in terms of justice.

What I err on the side of [as a woman] is not accusing women of making up stories.

Everything about this current scenario in the news reinforces the need and right and duty of women to have sexual equity–ownership–of their bodies not just sexual equality in society.

If sexual equality means we appoint a female version of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is that really an improvement?

Women need to be taught to speak up and speak out immediately.

We shouldn’t be afraid to be assertive in the bedroom and in the boardroom and out on the street and in public.

The Republican woman who published the 2018 book excoriating female students who report rape on campus also attacked women who demand sexual equality with men.

I forget the title of this book or the author’s name. It was on the new books shelf at the library two weeks ago.

Inexplicably, the author blamed female students for reporting rape on campus. She claimed the so-called “sexual revolution” only caused harm because it loosened the morals of women. Again, blaming women for how men treat us.

If you really don’t want to have sex with a man, tell him no. This should ideally happen before your skirt is taken off. It can also be stated when you’re naked.

A lot of women write news articles about the supposedly “gray-area” nature of exactly when and how a woman is supposed to tell a man to stop and not go any farther.

These women writers claim that matters of reporting rape are simply not true. That the woman decided after the fact that she shouldn’t have had sex or that the sex was bad.

Totally negating the responsibility of the man to do the right thing. Offloading the responsibility to women.

Only women are taught to “go along” with what other people tell us we’re supposed to do.

Women have been told that our bodies don’t belong to us–that we don’t own our bodies. That we exist to please men and cater to their needs only.

Republican men and women–are they on a mission from their God or why else would they do this–now get to decide how other women live our lives.

We no longer have the choice to use birth control or to decide not to have kids.

Our daughters and nieces will be growing up and coming of age in a world where white men on the Supreme Court mandate that a woman’s role in life is to be barefoot and pregnant.

People claim Brett Kavanaugh won’t repeal Roe v. Wade. Only I’m confident he will. This whole situation in the news has been unfortunate.

Yet in my estimation the underlying good is that women are coming forward. Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford took lie detector tests that proved they were telling the truth. Women are speaking out and demanding that things change.

We cannot remain silent on the things that matter to us.

My lane is on the Left. That’s just how it is.

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