George Floyd

I couldn’t in good conscience return to my regular blog writing before speaking out on this killing.

No Justice. No Peace.

I didn’t think I could be more upset than I was over the murder of Eric Garner on Bay Street on Staten Island.

I used to live on Staten Island and walked down Bay Street all the time.

The killing of Eric Garner set me off like you wouldn’t believe.

How foolish to think it wouldn’t happen again.

Setting police cars on fire and smashing windows and looting is not the solution.

Anger in the name of seeking justice is justified.

Violence in response to this latest injustice has only served to enable our dear president Mr. Toupee to align with a far-right whacko who called the protestors “bad guys” in a Tweet.

As if.

As if only white people are entitled to breathe the air. I think not.

I think:

No Justice. No Peace.

When will it end?

Our Commander-in-Briefs rules by Twitter fiats.

The president of the United States in response to the protests has Tweeted yet again about FAKE news and “lamestream” media.

Whoever votes for Mr. Toupee this time around just–why?

I don’t think Joe Biden is the best alternative–I thought Andrew Yang was.

Only we cannot be asked to endure another 4 years of Mr. Toupee.

No Justice. No Peace.

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