Creating Real Change

I’m an optimist in that I believe real change is possible.

There’s a movement to make Juneteenth a Federal holiday.

At the end of this blog entry I’ll give the links to the Senate and House of Representatives.

You can send a message to your elected officials urging them to do this along with executing the Action Plan of Black Lives Matter.

I will make the analogy of riding a New York City bus. On the front panel above the window it reads:

Federal law prohibits standing in front of white line while bus is in motion.

I ask you: if a Federal law can be created about where to stand on a bus:

Why can’t we create Federal laws on police reform that go into effect in all 50 states?

I intend to send my elected leaders at the State and Washington level a copy of the Action Plan.

This is why I think change is possible:

Black Lives Matter have an Action Plan that when passed into law would create effective solutions.

This is the U.S. Senate website. This is the U.S. House of Representatives website.

Black Lives Matter

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