My Prediction

Before the last presidential election I went around telling everyone that Mr. Toupee would win.

No one believed me. Today I think he will be elected for a second term. Should Joe Biden win I’ll be surprised.

A friend told me: “Science is here to help us live. To not believe facts is cray-cray.”

I live in the middle of what a person calls Trump Country.

In New York City the cost of living is stratospheric. When you get the steal of the century on housing you go there regardless of whether the neighborhood is Red or Blue.

Old men in ribbed white tank tops walk on the streets without covering their faces.

They don’t believe in science. They’re putting everyone else at risk.

I wish I could come up with a catchy nickname for Joe Biden. I’m not really a fan of him as I heard he’s against legalizing marijuana.

Any presidential candidate I’d vote for would have to include in their platform:

Giving every American a monthly Universal Basic Income.

It’s an economic benefit for all citizens whose time has come to enact.

Anyone who knows of a clever moniker for Joe Biden I’d like to hear it.

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