Active Minds

I’ve often thought that change starts first with the clothing you choose to wear.

In the 1980s I dressed in head-to-toe black long before it was the trend to do this. I wore mini skirts and thigh-high boots.

How you dress makes a statement without saying a word.

Maria Grazia Chiuri gets it right: “The way we dress is a manifesto of what we think.”

The 1980s were a decade memorialized in my memoir Left of the Dial. A time when I wore garish makeup and weird clothes. A reflection of the mad tones in my head.

It’s true: your clothes have the potential to say something.

Who are you today and who will you be tomorrow?

On a recent trip to JC Penney of all places I bought for $6 each a blue-striped tee shirt and a tie-dye sweatshirt and a yellow scarf.

That store might be going out of business. Everything was sixty percent off.

Today dressing to shock no longer holds an allure for me. Nor does dressing like a tart to meet a man.

If “fashion is where you find it” it would be interesting to people watch to see how protesters dress on the street.

Wearing active wear to get active in a movement:

It’s something to think about.

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