Casting a Vote

The year I turned 18 there was a presidential election. I have been voting in every election since I turned 18. That’s 37 years of participating in our democracy.

Like I wrote before I don’t think the person we elect can be our savior. I have written in this blog years ago that I don’t think the government can resolve societal ills.

What every citizen can do is hold our elected leaders accountable once they’re serving our city state and country.

I have to sign my name in the book. My handwriting is unusual–I tell the poll worker it’s the messiest signature on the page.

For protection I carry my driver’s license with me to the polling site. I carry my driver’s license everywhere I go as a form of identification.

I’ve taken to using the Microsoft Edge browser. On the Edge homepage you can read news articles. This is where I read accounts of the election updates.

Browsing the news accounts on Edge I read a CNN primer on voting and what to do should you be told you can’t vote when you show up.

Casting a provisional vote is possible when you’re challenged. This is possible when you know you’re registered to vote.

I’m going to wear one of my masks and go vote in person. I haven’t been infected with the coronavirus. I wear a mask wherever I go to reduce my risk of getting the disease.

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