Hello 2021

A woman with an L.C.S.W. told me:

“The way you live your life is the way you should live your life.”

I was talking about how I’m an artist that doesn’t live my life in a straight-and-narrow way.

She said:

“It’s restricting living in the straight-and-narrow because you’d lose your personality and wouldn’t be happy.”

I have famously titled my first book Left of the Dial. This way of life has become my trademark.

The goal as I see it is for each of us to achieve PTG–post-traumatic growth–after the events of 2020.

In 2021 we should live fearlessly and love whoever we love freely.

My aim is true:

to empower readers to reach for the twinkling stars

to encourage you to dare express yourself as the one and only you

to inspire you to think for yourself about what’s possible to achieve.

The straight-and-narrow? I never believed in it.

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