Calling Out Cowards

Before I form an opinion of a person I read the book they’ve written. I want to decide for myself what I think of them. Instead of relying on hearsay.

It’s time for calling out cowards. “Cancel Culture” is likely not the right avenue to address what’s going on. A person who opens their mouth to speak with hate will cancel themselves right then.

Before I formed an impression of Candace Owens I read her book Blackout.

The Black Conservative pundit wrote in Blackout that it’s okay that police officers shoot and kill Black people as the number of Blacks that cops kill is a tiny fraction of the total number of people killed

What? I didn’t learn that kind of math in a textbook.

The fact that a person of any color would think that it’s okay that a person like Breonna Taylor was killed steams me more than a cappuccino.

On an ordinary day I choose not to talk to anyone about the medical condition I have which is technically a disability. The kind of disorder where if I were agitated and mentally unstable the cops arriving on the scene would shoot me dead.

Realizing that I’m fortunate to have recovered and be doing well I don’t take kindly to Candace Owens writing that it’s okay for cops to kill people. (Read Blackout–I’m not making up or inventing that she believes this is okay.)

Sadly, there are too many people like her that shrug off what cops do and don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Individuals with emotional illnesses–of every color–have been and continue to be shot dead when cops arrive on the scene.

The murder of Eric Garner on Bay Street by police officer Daniel Pantaleo upset me the most. Precisely because the DA claimed it was Garner’s medical condition that caused his death. Not the chokehold.

In this way my disability could be used against me in a court of law.

Bills are being sponsored in the House and Senate regarding police reform.

I recommend you write to your Senator and Congressperson to ask them to do the right things.

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