Girl on the Left

In this blog I aim to be cheerful and compassionate. To write with punch and passion about the things I adore.

My aim is true: to use this blog to spark joy in followers’ lives. To bring people together. To give unusual insight into what’s going on.

Years ago a guy saw me holding a copy of Left of the Dial and asked if the title referred to politics.

“No. It refers to culture. I played alternative music on the radio that was dubbed Left of the Dial.”

My intent is using the Girl on the Left URL was to get at the theme of living your life left of the dial.

I’ve written in the blog that I detest the Liberal political party as equally as I dislike the Conservative political party.

I don’t like that the word Left has been coopted to describe a questionable political agenda.

My goal was to reclaim the word Left as an alternative option for living your life.

When the VU meter needle on a DJ’s mixing board is on the left the sound is in balance. That’s my take on what living your live on the Left side is: living in health harmony and happiness.

An artist can be sane. We don’t have to live our lives starving in a garret or going mad in pursuit of our art.

That’s what’s great about living life on the Left:

Each of us gets to choose how we want to live.

I say: choose to love others.