Living with SZ in England

I love the Brits. I’ve been to London on holiday over a decade ago. I want to link here to a woman’s story about living with SZ in England.

Circa five years ago the Guardian published a news article that claimed only 8 percent of those diagnosed with SZ in the UK were employed.

A longitudinal study by Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation had as participants peers who had been employed long–term and had a mental health diagnosis.

I was a participant in this American study. Ninety-three percent of the participants were taking medication at the start of the study.

From my firsthand experience I don’t think it’s a coincidence that taking medication allowed the study participants to achieve sustained employment.

The unabashed Brit who talks about her life with SZ also takes meds. She has a sense of humor.

I chuckled at her use of the term “tummy-tamer” to describe the kind of panties you need to wear when medication causes you to gain weight.

All hail Erica Camus the author of this list.

Drum roll please you can read the Top Ten Things She Can’t Live Without.