Creating Real Change

I’m an optimist in that I believe real change is possible.

There’s a movement to make Juneteenth a Federal holiday.

At the end of this blog entry I’ll give the links to the Senate and House of Representatives.

You can send a message to your elected officials urging them to do this along with executing the Action Plan of Black Lives Matter.

I will make the analogy of riding a New York City bus. On the front panel above the window it reads:

Federal law prohibits standing in front of white line while bus is in motion.

I ask you: if a Federal law can be created about where to stand on a bus:

Why can’t we create Federal laws on police reform that go into effect in all 50 states?

I intend to send my elected leaders at the State and Washington level a copy of the Action Plan.

This is why I think change is possible:

Black Lives Matter have an Action Plan that when passed into law would create effective solutions.

This is the U.S. Senate website. This is the U.S. House of Representatives website.

Black Lives Matter

Never Forget

Watching the NY1 cable news about the protests against police brutality I’m struck by the signs held up that shout:

White Silence is Violence.

In my own way I have not been silent. I refuse to remain silent on the things that matter to me.

In coming blog entries I’ll be talking about moving forward to institute justice.

This moment and movement in American history warrants that I take a detour in the blog.

I hadn’t wanted to talk about politics anymore. Today I will.

What I have done before to speak out:

You can read my blog entry titled Death by Cop where I list the names of individuals cops have killed.

My contention is that I cannot speak with lived experience about injustice.

I was free to live on Staten Island and walk down Bay Street whenever I wanted.

Police officer Daniel Pantaleo killed Eric Garner on Bay Street for selling loose cigarettes.

We need an action plan that the Black Lives Matter leaders can draft and send out to everyone so people can get on board to lobby elected officials.

Why not send out direct mailings to every household like is done for a political campaign?

Send out a mailer with bullet points telling people to lobby government leaders to enact the listed changes.

I’ve always thought that part of the problem is that how history is taught is all wrong.

Hawk Newsome echoed my thinking this morning on a NY1 cable news interview. He is the President of Black Lives Matter Greater New York chapter.

Newsome said point blank that how history is taught is all wrong.

My question is how can individuals best join in to lobby for equity in society for People of Color?

We cannot be expected to sign a MoveOn online petition. Link us to the e-mails of our our elected officials directly so that we can write to these leaders on our own. This is what advocacy organizations have done in the past.

I want to speak out. I would like to be given a specific action plan to advocate for as one human being on behalf of other human beings.

Hawk Newsome talked about teaching People of Color financial literacy. Not giving them handouts.

Newsome attacked white liberals for being racists. This is in fact why for years I have been disenchanted with the Liberal political party.

I’m no fan of any political party in America.

I align with the Green Party because of their stance on legalizing marijuana use.

We have reached a tipping point in our humanity.

There’s no going back to business as usual in society.

Rising in Tune

I’ve read the book In a Single Garment of Destiny the collected essays and speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From what I remember it was said that after civil rights were gained King wanted everyone to break bread together.

He framed obtaining civil rights as a cause benefiting all Americans not just African Americans.

Reading about acts of hate has the effect that I’m in actual pain even though I’m not the victim.

Still I think the rhetoric in opinion pieces in the New York Times and elsewhere only serves to sow division rather than uniting Americans.

Since I value Education I’ve made the positive dissemination and use of information a choice to adhere to.

Continuing to dwell on the negative offers no hope. And I think that hope is warranted.

People can change. This is a fact. I’ve seen this with people I know.

You have the choice. You can decide to love others

I’d like to be proactive and positive in talking about what’s going right in the world.

I’ll end here with a link to the Black Lives Matter organization website.

They sell a tee-shirt.

My goal is to seek out the stories of innovative individuals making a difference. To write about these people in the blog.

To tear the borders down, break the walls, and create a better world I think IS possible.

In coming blog entries I’ll talk about my own experiences.

If “every eye is a mirror” I’ve seen with my own eyes that people can be open-minded.