LL Cool Joe

I’ve come up with a catchy code name for Joe Biden:

LL Cool Joe.

The 1990s gave us LL Cool J–the rapper whose moniker was short for Ladies Love Cool James.

Today the LL stands for Liberals Love Cool Joseph.

Politicians should be mocked equally regardless of which party they belong to.

Mark my words:

Mr. Toupee will win re-election.

Like it or not our president is going to serve another 4 years.

Should LL Cool Joe win I’ll be surprised.

Moving Forward

Writing an ode to a mascara wand seems out of place today.

The blogs require an effort I will do my best to meet under the circumstances.

Only I think that if I cannot be honest in any blog than how can I make a difference?

As I wrote in here circa June last year my goal is to spread joy love peace and understanding in this world.

Does it offend our President and his ilk that caring committed conscious citizens that he calls terrorists are protesting in the streets?

The injustice predates the current White House.

Yet for his stance on human rights issues alone Mr. Toupee should be dethroned.

In response to the outrage our President has Tweeted against FAKE news and lamestream media coverage.

We must elect Joe Biden whether any of us like Biden or not.

I’m not a fan of any candidate that does not endorse giving every citizen a Universal Basic Income.

Yet still–we cannot go on the way things were before.

I’m been reaching out to friends to talk to them.

I recommend that blog readers reach out to ask their friends and loved ones how they’re doing. To tell your comrades how you’re doing and get support.

I have been swiping on my sheer metallic raspberry lipstick.

No one else can see it. Yet I know it’s there.

Will the sun come out tomorrow?

Only when Americans band together to do the right thing.

When each of us is not afraid to stand up and shout:

“What’s going on is not right.”

We cannot sit idly by watching as Mr. Toupee fiddles while the U.S. burns.

In the coming blog entries I’ll talk about my experiences.

The facts tell a different story than the narrative being sold to us by lawmakers.