Life Is Beauty Full

On Thanksgiving I will not post a memoir excerpt. I will return to doing this in December.

Today’s blog entry focuses on what I think is a secret to success in life as well as in recovery.

I saw in a store an oversize throw pillow with the words: Life is Beauty Full.

One way it can be is when you remember that you hold in your own hands the keys to changing your life for the better. A secret is to be self-reliant and trust that you can take action to do this. Living through the hard times by embracing the struggle and moving through it with the knowledge that setbacks are often only temporary.

Living your life Left of the Dial involves self-acceptance. You realize you will succeed when you compete only against yourself, because then the playing field is truly level. You own the particular piece of land you’ve designated as that field.

You can get on your field and compete every day to be and do a little better than you were and did yesterday. You compete with whatever strength you’ve got today, knowing that your best will change from day to day. You accept that today is what it is; at the same time, you recognize that tomorrow can be different, can be better, because of the action(s) you take today. If today you fail in your attempt(s), you can have hope for tomorrow, because every day you wake up is a second chance to change your life for the better.

Believe in yourself when it seems no one else does. Cherish and respect and honor the things that make you who you are.

Remember: Live is Beauty Full because you’re in it. It’s Beauty Full because all human beings are beautiful.

God doesn’t make junk.

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