Glad Tidings of Cheer To You

I’m glad the year is ending and the Christmas music will soon be gone from the airwaves.

It’s come about that my memoir, Left of the Dial, will go on sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online on New Year’s Day: next Thursday.

As a treat, I will post one last memoir excerpt here on Tuesday. On or near January 15th the Kindle e-book version will be available to install on your device: either on a Kindle or an iPad with a Kindle app.

We had lobster for dinner last night and six other fish for the Night of the Seven Fishes. It’s because my nonna, my Italian grandmother, was Neapolitan–from Naples. The Seven Fishes is a Christmas Eve ritual that I wrote about in the memoir.

Glad tidings of cheer to you. A Happy and Healthy New Year.

2015 promises to be a great year. Mark my words: 2015 will be great.

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