Life Is Beauty Full

I changed the gravatar or image from my photo to a slogan. You can get this slogan as a wall decal on I also have a turquoise throw pillow with white letters that proclaim: Life Is Beauty Full.

It certainly is.

Left of the Dial is a manifesto for living well and whole and having a life in balance. “Whole” or “organic” as defined as all the parts coming together naturally.

To be true to yourself instead of pretending to be someone else. To be the one and only you. Not to act false to yourself. Thus: to be natural, to live an organic life where your traits, your thoughts and feelings, your body and mind, your spirit–all co-exist in a true expression of your individuality.

It’s true that some of us might have an ongoing hard challenge, more so than others. I still don’t recommend acting fake. It’s my contention that people in society need to get their act together to have compassion for those of us who were whipsawed by mental illness.

Life isn’t easy living with an illness, yet having self-compassion, and kindness towards others, hot-wires your heart to be open and forgiving about your trials. “Everybody hurts,” not just people with mental illnesses.

The word organic, conveying a natural state, isn’t to be confused with discontinuing your medication. If you need to pop a pill to be in remission or to have a better version of recovery, by all means, take the meds faithfully, every day as prescribed. Talk to your pdoc honestly if you have side effects. Side effects are manageable; symptoms can be disabling.

I’ll end here by telling readers to await and tune in to my HealthCentral website in April when I turn 50. There, I’ll be writing news articles about recovery at mid-life; and about how to cope with weight gain. I’ll also write one article for guys, another article for ladies, about sprucing ourselves up to gain confidence living with an illness.

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