VU Meter

I’ve been thinking about my VU meter analogy and the significance of living your life left of the dial: with your feelings and thoughts in balance and everything on an even keel.

A person shouldn’t have to spend days and days and even weeks and weeks depressed or otherwise symptomatic.

Yet one think (er-thing) I’ll talk about here this winter is knowing when to rest and when to get active.

Sometimes we all need to rest for a day here and there. I’m fond of living in a city where there are four seasons: I have the chance to acclimate my body to nature and the changing weather.

I’m the biggest foe of climate change and the rising sea levels and the erosion of marshland and other economically damaging man-made phenomena.

I advocate for getting in tune with the seasons, with the natural world, with living by a park or by greenery if you’re able.

I’m all for whatever effective techniques a person can use to lower the distortion on the VU meter. I champion the natural world that is fast disappearing as money-grubbing agribusinesses and food conglomerates put profits above people.

Illness is not a natural state of being. And all sorts of illnesses are on the rise because companies are in the business of selling fake food.

Ironically, as our natural resources get ravaged, I think too our personal resources become limited.

As cold as it gets in New York City in the winter now I make the case for hibernating when it’s necessary.

I maintain though that lowering the volume on the VU meter can help us live our lives in balance.

The interconnected nature of all these elements I’m talking about is no accident.

I’d love to hear your comments on this.

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