Cheerful Chic

I firmly believe that clothes can cheer a person up.

Imagine: using fashion to feel better. Or as a way to hide or camouflage ourselves. Like in business wearing a suit. Or dressing head-to-toe in black.

I noticed that H&M now has an area with 1980s type clothing. Very Goth. As if there is a resurrection of that era in fashion.

Step away. From those racks. No one should revisit a style she originally wore the first time around.

I have no desire to go back in time. The 1980s were memorialized in the Bowling for Soup song “1985” and also in my memoir.

If you had the chance, would you go back and do things differently? That’s an interesting question.

Fashion has evolved over the years. So this aspect of our lives allows us to do things differently right now.

I make the case for having a light hand with a makeup palette too. For deciding on the cusp of 50 (as I am) whether a certain look suits you or it’s time to change over to something else.

Shortly I will write a review of the style book Life in Color. The authors get it right about their 5 Style Types.

Fashion as therapy. Something to think about.

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