Just for Today at 50

I wrote this ditty about seven months ago when I started to reflect on the end of my forties this coming April.


Just for Today, At 50:

I will join a bowling league for fun, even if I barely score a 60.

I will refuse to get cuckoo over the right way to fold a bath towel.

I will use Brillo pads to scour the brown off the stove burners.

I will treat myself with the kindness and compassion I treat others.

I will accept that I gained 5 or 10 pounds because I’m still alive and have more good years left.

I will use the rear-view mirror as a cheer-view mirror to be proud of what I’ve done instead of regretting what didn’t happen.

I will go to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure.

I will perform a random act of kindness.

I will remember that God wanted me to be born, that I live here now because life is good even though challenges remain.

I will refuse to take other people’s bullcrap.

I will take myself out to dinner for my birthday.

I will accept that a bad habit remains.

I will strive for excellence because it is attainable, instead of striving for perfection which is impossible.

I will buy a daring outfit: polka dots or stripes.

I will understand that This Is It: so I will live with the knowledge that most things don’t matter in the scheme of life.

I will get over my fears of not being good enough, thin enough, or popular enough.

I will tell myself that Maya Angelou was right: a woman should own a set of wine glasses with stems.

Then I’ll break out the bubbly and celebrate 50, because it’s a great time to be alive.

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