Knit Together

I’m a loyal fan of knitting ladies.

“How much?” I lifted up a green cap. “Five dollars,” the woman said so I gave her a handful of bills.

“It’s a chemo cap,” she said. “You can have it though.”

“What?” Did I hear right?

“It’s cotton, so I knit it for women who are losing their hair.”

The cap was leaf green and trendy, for a hip young woman.

I read a book about how women (and men who think like them) are taking over the world. The Athena Doctrine documented Grannies, Inc. in Britain–a collection of grandmothers who knit and sell custom-made hats, scarves, and sweaters.

The odd thing is that when I wore the green cap I could almost feel how it would feel to lose your hair.

Faith Popcorn was first with her 1990s book, She-volution, about women starting a revolution in the marketplace with female buying power.

If memory serves, Etsy has gone public.

It’s true women rule the world. Like the perfume TV commercial in the 1970s “We bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.”

No kidding.

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