Life Cycles

Christine DeLorey in her book Life Cycles: Your Emotional Journey to Freedom and Happiness states that an emotional imbalance is often the root of physical illness.

At the center of Left of the Dial was using your gifts to heal an imbalance and gain a sense of freedom from dis-ease.

I recommend this Christine DeLorey book. It uses the principles of numerology as a guide.

Numerology can be a practical tool to help a person. I have found it to be accurate.

The author suggests that a person loves all their feelings. And that self-expression springs from using our feelings.

I have written before that the goal is to feel what we feel, express it and deal with it in constructive and productive ways.

Not by drinking alcohol or using street drugs, or chowing down on comfort food to feel better.

At the end of the book DeLorey talks about the 2000s and the new female energy and what is going on with our earth. She talks about how we can heal ourselves and heal our planet.

The author makes the case that climate change is the earth’s response to how we are treating the world we live in.

I realize a lot of people are going to be skeptical about numerology. Take it with a grain of salt if you want. Yet even just reading the last chapter of the book might help.

I’ll report back in the future about other things DeLorey wrote in this book.


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