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I will always make the case for not stereotyping people.

The definition of stereotyping is meeting one or two people with a similar trait or characteristic and then ascribing that trait or characteristic to every other person you meet who has the same background as the original person.

I have no idea why I abhor stereotyping like I do. Yet I think it’s an intellectual crime or mental laziness to resort to stereotyping people in media accounts.

Everyone’s entitled to their perception of the world and of people in it. I don’t care what another person thinks–I just think it’s high time to keep it out of the media and instead focus on the positive things people contribute to society.

I might not ever get published in the mainstream media yet a blog is a medium. Bloggers can rebel the divide-and-conquer tactics of mainstream media and of politicians.

There’s a better way: I call it “breaking bread”–which has rarely been done historically.

Highways were built that divided rich neighborhoods from poor neighborhoods. Housing projects went up on the sides of highways nowhere near other neighborhoods–you get the picture.

Yes I have chosen to speak out about injustice as well as stigma because any kind of stigma really isn’t right.

This is because I know it’s possible to be so upset by the hate in the world that you’re moved to tears. Of course the New York Times and other media outlets won’t feature a writer like me who dares state this: that the hate can move a person to tears.

Like I said in here before, we’ll all human beings doing the best we can with what we were given. In this regard I’m not going to judge anyone–not even a racist. My chosen tactic is to simply record what goes on and to use humor to do so.

As a writer, I don’t use cardboard characters so I bristle when media pundits make cardboard characters out of human beings.

In the Flourish blog I will talk to peers about ways to manage what we feel when it’s possible we’re triggered by what we read in the news. Go over to that forum and read you can read it.


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