See Who We Are

I don’t understand the hate in society–I don’t think I ever will.

My literary agent responded to me years ago with her take on privilege and arrogance:

“Americans love to be rich enough to abuse their freedoms.”

The President had the police force use tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protestors to get them off the street.


So he could walk to St. John’s Episcopal church to hold up a Bible for a photo op.

Using the Bible as a prop to win votes dishonors Christians who are opposed to racism.

People voted Mr. Toupee into office solely because he’s anti-abortion.

It’s funny how unborn babies are deemed to have rights.

Black Americans already living don’t have the right to breathe air according to those in power.

Mr. Toupee–who hasn’t condemned George Floyd’s death–is not fit for re-election.

People across America are outraged–and our President holds up a Bible.

President Obama had faults. Yet while in office he would have spoken out against George Floyd’s death. He did this today in a newspaper editorial.

It’s scary that people believe Mr. Toupee when he calls the news FAKE.

How curious that Mr. Toupee who endorsed Republican Dan Donovan for U.S. congress remained silent when Max Rose a Democrat won the race. Two years ago Max Rose toppled decades of Republican rule in that district.

I’m no fan of any political party in the U.S. I align with the Green Party because of their stance on legalizing marijuana.

In every presidential election New York State goes Democratic. So this is why I vote for Green Party candidates. Most of whom are People of Color.

Sadly as I’ve said before in this blog I don’t think the U.S. government can cure societal ills.

My contention is that “People Have the Power” to quote the Patti Smith song title.

One person doing the right thing to help another person is how change starts.

In coming blog entries I want to tell stories about my life. To illustrate themes about why I feel so strongly about injustice.

In this blog a couple of years ago I wrote:

“See who I am not who you think I am.”

That too many Americans can’t see beyond skin color to the person inside is a crying shame.

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