Living Lively

Hey–I love that blue eyeshadow! A simple line that says it all.

I’m a 55-year old Generation X girl who bought the book shown above. Even though it caters to the Generation Z crowd.

Individuals of all ages and stages of life could benefit from reading this motivational guide.

The book was right up my alley with its 7 Points of Power:


World perspective

Media and societal influences

Thoughts and mindset



Creativity and community

Haile Thomas has Jamaican immigrant parents who instilled in her that she was a person of worth that should have self-esteem.

Thomas earned her success through hard work, determination, an unflappable set of values, and the love of her family.

I found this book on Amazon and bought it from my local independent bookseller.

I’m all for self-improvement.

Anything that can give me a mood boost in a healthy way I’ll take right now.

As soon as this book arrives I plan to make one of the healthful snack recipes.

Keep the faith folks. Good people like Haile Thomas are helping make good things happen for the rest of us.

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