Getting a Haircut During COVID-19

This is the best selfie I’ve ever taken. Which is a miracle as whenever I’ve taken selfies before I always look like a deer in headlights.

The genius who thought taking selfies was a good idea–what were they thinking?

The shampoo girl–an older woman–checked my temperature upon arrival.

The mask I wore was too big. The loops had to be criss-crossed to be snug around my ears.

So the hairdresser could cut around the ears I had to unloop the mask and hold it against my face.

Might it not be advisable to get a new haircut during the COVID-19 outbreak?

I showed the stylist a photo of the haircut I wanted to get.

The haircut will grow in longer which will be good.

I have given up on keeping my hair curly. It had gotten frizzy all this summer. Owing to wearing a face covering I wasn’t motivated to do anything to style my hair. Until now.

This is not a long sultry tresses goddess haircut.

It’s a haircut that makes a statement.

The statement is: “I’m a fan of the Cure and it’s 1987.”

Screw it–I decided–get a new style even though it might repel a man.

A woman should have fun with her hair.

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