Feminist AF

Buy or check out of the library the book above.

It should be essential reading whatever your age race or gender if you want your eyes opened.

The book is geared to Brown and Black teenage girls to get empowered.

I checked it out of the library and read it in two hours. What an eye opener.

Though if you’re not in the demographic of the readers for this book perhaps you know a young girl you can gift this book to.

What you don’t see exists whether you can see it or not from your Point of View.

There’s two sides to every story.

We should each of us bring our truth to light.

In New York City it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate against a worker because of the person’s hairstyle.

Across America high school dress codes prohibit girls from wearing their hair in box braids.

In multiple U.S. states laws were passed making free speech a crime when you’re talking about what a Black author wrote in a book.

Summer Boismer a teacher was fired because she gave her students the link to the Brooklyn Public Library Books Unbanned Teen e-book library card application.

The Free Service allows teens 13-21 in all 50 states to check out e-book versions of books that have been banned in Texas and elsewhere.

Apply for the Free Teen Books Unbanned Library Card or give this link to a young person who would be interested..

This is America: Land of the Free because of the Brave authors librarians and educators who are acting to free everybody to think for ourselves.

Intellectual Freedom is the cornerstone of public libraries everywhere. Or should be when Conservative gatekeepers limit access to books and knowledge.

Feminist AF? I’ve always been.

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