Wallet Activism

The above book is the best of its kind that should be required reading by everyone in America.

The author talks about effective ways to tackle pressing issues like climate change and runaway consumerism.

In my life I choose not to travel long distances on airplanes that use fossil fuels. That’s the way I have of making a difference.

The second thing I’ve done is that I don’t eat meat. Not only for health reasons I do it because of the impact of CAFO slaughterhouses on the environment and degrading treatment of the workers there.

The third prime thing I do is to not shop on impulse. I hold onto the clothes I buy for at least five years or longer.

This year I’m going to retire the winter coat I’ve had for 11 years. Hopefully I can find a 100 percent wool coat this fall.

In the last 3 years I’ve donated 15 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army. The reality is most donated clothing winds up in a landfill in Ghana, Africa after being sold to resellers there.

My goal is to only buy clothes I’ll wear until they’re no longer wearable. Instead of accumulating un-wise buys I bring home that I rarely wear.

Cue the violins for the items I call “1990s office worker” shirts that I’m tossing in a new donation bag.

They. Are Not. Who I Am Today.

I turn 58 this spring. On a kick I am to upend the status quo.

Two years shy of 60 if you’re like me you’ll be reassessing everything in your life.

We’re getting closer to what I call the This is It! decade.

With my time here on Earth getting shorter I don’t want to waste my time money energy or effort on things that don’t positively impact my life or other people’s lives.

I’ll end here by saying that none of us should fear becoming older. Or fear speaking out on the things that matter to us.

The author of Wallet Activism revealed that the ban on plastic straws adversely effected individuals with disabilities. A lot of whom cannot use a paper straw to drink.

The list goes on of “green” practices that aren’t really effective when scrutinized further.

Read Wallet Activism and decide for yourself what measures you want to and can take to protect our Planet–and more than that the People living on our Planet.

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