Skin in the Game

After reading the above book I coined the term Bite of Life as in taking a Bite of Life.

For Beauty Individuality Truth and Empathy. This is what I believe in.

My view runs counter to the Dermalogica founder author. She doesn’t like and use the word beauty. I beg to differ.

Seeing beauty in the ordinary–in the broken; in the struggle; in the people, places, and things no one else deems beautiful–is a gift each of us can give each other.

What I seek to do is Celebrate Life by dressing up; by making art out of the everyday; by spreading joy and optimism in a world full of despair.

Read Skin in the Game to get a shot of confidence. Jane Wurwand’s life story could be any of ours with a twist. She had a failed first marriage by the age of 21–and things could’ve gotten worse.

Wurwand is living proof of what I’ve written before that where you start out is not where you have to remain.

That ambition born of altruism is the right way to lead in business and in life.

Wurwand references Madam C.J. Walker in Skin in the Game. How could she not. Walker was a radical beauty entrepreneur in her time.

Reading Skin in the Game I thought: “She could do it. So can I.”

Though I checked the book out of the library I recommend you buy it. It’s worth taking the gems of advice to heart.

You want to conquer a market. Or succeed in any venture. Be kind and care about people.

That’s what Wurwand made her mission as the founder of a skincare line that grossed $1Million in its first year in 1986.

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