Stacey Abrams

Once again a fashion magazine has come out with lucid wisdom in an interview with a powerful woman. This time Stacey Abrams is speaking.

More power to Stacey Abrams for publishing her book: Our Time is Now.

She refers to the New American Majority–the people of color, young people, moderates, and progressives who supported her in her campaign for governor of Georgia in 2018.

In the September 2020 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Stacey Abrams is quoted:

“I’d rather fail as myself than succeed as someone else.”

In fact trying to change into a person other people will approve of causes ill health. You can only fail by being someone other than who you are.

Stand tall. Walk proud. That is the way to live.

Life Cycles

Right-on–no really.

Alicia Keys in her memoir recounts having a friend ask her at a table in a pizzeria: “Why are you here?”

That sparked her activism.

And you, why are you here?

I used to visit fortune tellers. I sat down in a chair across from one woman. I hadn’t said one word. I hadn’t opened my mouth.

Out of nowhere the psychic’s first words were: “You’re here to make a difference.”

I’ve stopped going to fortune tellers.

The question “Why are you here” is relevant for everyone today.

Studying numerology can help a person figure out why you’re here. Christine DeLorey wrote the book seen above. I have underlined sentences in each section.

I once tried to talk about numerology to another person. She got spooked. Only I recommend the book Life Cycles.

Christine DeLorey can create a Personal Numerology Profile PDF document for you for $95 dollars.

Some of you might think that’s going a little too far.

However I think that whatever can give a person comfort in the time of the pandemic shouldn’t be ruled out.

I also recommend reading Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone on the internet every month.

What I don’t advise is going to fortune tellers as a hobby. Though I had the good fortune to have real psychics give me accurate readings not all of them are reputable. And what they tell you can freak you out.

The New York Times reported on a woman who gave people fake predictions to string them along for thousands of dollars. When asked to predict when she’d be sprung free from jail for her crimes she couldn’t give anyone that date.

You can browse the Creative Numerology website for an introduction to the Christine DeLorey book.

The goal is self-improvement and self-actualization.

The goal isn’t to have someone tell you when you’re going to die. Or that for $40 she can remove a bad curse hanging over your head.

Living through the COVID-19 outbreak with the changed circumstances of our lives–the mask wearing and the social distancing–have you like I have wanted to exert control over the things you have control over?

When life is uncertain and it feels like things are out of control:

I say doing things that give you comfort shouldn’t be ruled out.

Drugs or drink–no not that. Anything else–why not?

Whatever makes a person happy shouldn’t be judged.

And in this time of illness–physical and political–now more than ever having joy is called for.

Who couldn’t use a little more freedom and happiness in their lives?

LL Cool Joe

I’ve come up with a catchy code name for Joe Biden:

LL Cool Joe.

The 1990s gave us LL Cool J–the rapper whose moniker was short for Ladies Love Cool James.

Today the LL stands for Liberals Love Cool Joseph.

Politicians should be mocked equally regardless of which party they belong to.

Mark my words:

Mr. Toupee will win re-election.

Like it or not our president is going to serve another 4 years.

Should LL Cool Joe win I’ll be surprised.

Tales from My Not-so-Green Life

It might be that No One is Too Small to Make a Difference.

I say that corporations are too big not to make a difference. They must be held accountable for their role in global warming.

My life on the other hand is Not-so-Green.

I order food to be delivered that comes in plastic containers. This isn’t good. Not for the planet and not for me either. Since hot plastic leaches chemicals into food.

What is the solution?

I plan instead of ordering dinner to be delivered to have soup when I have no energy to cook.

I think it comes down to making trade-offs. You can excel in one Green area and come up short in another Green area.

My aim is to find a suitable plastic container I can take with me to the deli counter to have the staff use and reuse the same container.

Instead of buying food that comes in a new container each time.

This tactic was talked about in a book a woman wrote about achieving zero waste. If I remember right the book was titled The Zero Waste Home.

The goal as I see it is to consume less–less electricity less gas and oil less of anything that is wasteful.

My electric bill statement has skyrocketed in the time of the pandemic. Plus New York City has had a record number of heatwaves this summer.

The air conditioner has been going at all hours in my apartment. That’s not-so-green. Only I can’t be in direct heat for longer than 10 minutes. I’m at greater risk for heat stroke.

I will search on the Container Store website for a reusable plastic container.

I expect the deli counter staff to look at me screw-eyed when I ask them to use my plastic container not theirs.

The Trash is for Tossers woman allegedly reduced her yearly waste to only one mason jar of trash.

That’s phenomenal–is it realistic for most of us?

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg was only 16 when she published the book shown above. She is the face of climate change protesters. 6 Million individuals have joined her in school-striking for zero carbon emissions by 2030.

I don’t like to single people out this way. However I think what should be written about Thunberg is that she was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

In her own words in the book she writes that her disability isn’t a medical condition–it’s a gift.

She credits the Asperger’s as giving her the black-and-white thinking required to tackle the global warming issue.

In 1997 three years before I moved to my beloved Brooklyn I sold my last car to a mechanic for $400.

I didn’t want to incur the higher cost of auto insurance in Brooklyn. Nor did I want to spend an hour every day driving around looking for a parking spot. And I didn’t want to need to pay for costly car repairs.

In fact the prime reason I sold my car was that I didn’t want to be dependent on foreign oil.

In 1997 when I sold my car no one talked about global warming. I was in the vanguard in moving to a neighborhood where there were retail shops and food markets within walking distance.

I was a Visionary in giving up my car and deciding to walk everywhere.

Greta Thunberg nowhere in her book talks about the root cause of global warming:

How city planners prioritized building roads and highways so that people could travel by car when they had to get somewhere.

Not only that often the highways built in effect separated well-off neighborhoods from poor communities. Reinforcing inequality.

In New York City taking the bus and subway is a way to reduce your carbon footprint.

In the coming blog entry I want to talk with a twist about going Green.

I’m impressed with the Generation Z leaders who are out there striving to make a difference.

Having Hope

Hope is called for.

I bought this coaster with the mini-easel from a street vendor in


I’m an optimist.

You must be an optimist, or you won’t survive what you’re going through.

I’ve been living indoors for five months. It has taken a toll as I’m a gregarious person.

Today I go outside to my job again. There I need to cover my face for 6 hours.

Yesterday’s outfit:

Beet-color tee shirt with magenta pants and black shoes. An orange bandanna covering my nose and mouth.

Out on the street I’m the only one wearing a bandanna. The colorful bandannas get washed once a week. I wear a different one every day.

It’s far better than clogging a landfill with single-use disposable masks.

As I venture outside again I’m not always confident that there’s anything to hope for.

Yet hope I have because it’s summer. The sun is shining. The heat is here.

It’s how I see things: I believe in humanity. Even still—I believe in humanity.

I would like to write in the blog about my insight and observations as this season moves along.

I would like to see change. For myself. For others. And for my country.

The Eric Garner Act

The Eric Garner Act HR 4408 was introduced in Congress to make chokeholds or other oxygen-hindering maneuvers illegal under federal civil rights law.

Hakeem Jeffries (D–NY) sponsored this bill. So far only Democrats have cosponsored the Act which tells you something.

Kirsten Gillibrand (D–NY) sponsored the Senate version numbered S.3895.

It’s also telling that the sponsors of these two bills are from my home state of New York.

In 1999 I moved to Brooklyn when it wasn’t popular to do so.

I drove across the Verrazano Bridge–the Guinea Gangplank–in the opposite direction.

Fleeing Staten Island I started life over in a new home.

Eric Garner was killed on Bay Street on Staten Island for selling loose cigarettes.

I used to walk down Bay Street all the time when I lived on Staten Island.

No–I couldn’t tolerate the politics in that borough.

Nor could I thrive in that claustrophobic Caucasia.

You can contact your Congressperson and your Senator to lobby them to vote Yes on signing these bills into law.

The time has come.

My Prediction

Before the last presidential election I went around telling everyone that Mr. Toupee would win.

No one believed me. Today I think he will be elected for a second term. Should Joe Biden win I’ll be surprised.

A friend told me: “Science is here to help us live. To not believe facts is cray-cray.”

I live in the middle of what a person calls Trump Country.

In New York City the cost of living is stratospheric. When you get the steal of the century on housing you go there regardless of whether the neighborhood is Red or Blue.

Old men in ribbed white tank tops walk on the streets without covering their faces.

They don’t believe in science. They’re putting everyone else at risk.

I wish I could come up with a catchy nickname for Joe Biden. I’m not really a fan of him as I heard he’s against legalizing marijuana.

Any presidential candidate I’d vote for would have to include in their platform:

Giving every American a monthly Universal Basic Income.

It’s an economic benefit for all citizens whose time has come to enact.

Anyone who knows of a clever moniker for Joe Biden I’d like to hear it.

Postcard from the Ledge

The postcard shown above I took off a ledge in a bookstore.

It’s a reminder to me and a warning to challenge the status quo.

Living through the pandemic [the outbreak hasn’t gone away] I find myself pulled away from conforming.

I resist conforming to societal rules and norms.

What changed?

In my Republican neighborhood most of the people walking down the street have open faces. They don’t cover their face with a mask or bandanna.

Seeing this brazen contempt for respecting the health of others got me thinking: Who should I want to or try to impress at this point in my life?

I go outside wearing a red or black bandanna like a gunslinger in the Old Wild West. I walk in the middle of the street to avoid the people who haven’t covered their faces.

Seeing open-faced yahoos put people’s health at risk–as if the COVID-19 outbreak is no real threat–was the catalyst for my resistance to accepting the status quo in society.

Over 100,000 people have died from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wearing a mask is a sign of respect.

It eludes me what part of “I respect you and you respect me” the bare-faced folk don’t get.

I will end here by telling readers:

Resist living for self-interest and personal gain at the expense of others.

Resist following the trend of “everyone out for themselves.”

Dare to have compassion.

Having compassion might not be in fashion.

Yet I submit the alternative is no option.

Key of Life

Alicia Keys in her July 2020 InStyle interview echoes what I’ve always thought.

In Keys own words:

“You know, we do a really good job of judging each other and assuming who people are when we don’t even know them. To me, the most important thing we can do right now is take a second to see and appreciate each other as we are.”

Two years ago I titled a blog entry See Who We Are. I wrote then: see who I am not who you think I am.

It’s a fact: Alicia Keys skipped two grades and won a full scholarship to Columbia University.

“See Who We Are” is the title of an X rock band song from three decades ago. I played this song on my radio show back then.

What’s on the surface really has no ability to predict the content of a person’s character.

In the next blog entry I’m going to talk about what I’ve learned living through four months of the pandemic.