I checked a book out of the library that defines Entrepreneurial Passion (EP) thus:

“A positive, intense feeling that you experience for something that is profoundly meaningful for you as an individual.”

Buy this Carmine Gallo book Talk Like Ted to be inspired to live your dream(s).

Melissa Cardon is quoted as saying that:

“Passion is something that is core to a person’s self-identity. It defines a person. They simply can’t separate their pursuit from who they are, It’s core to their being.”

Indeed. I published a blog entry just now at the Flourish blog about Colin Powell’s inspiring TED Talk 2012 that I found in Talk Like TED.

Cardon goes further:

“Passion is aroused not because some entrepreneurs are inherently disposed to such feelings but, rather, because they are engaged in something that relates to a meaningful and salient self-identity for them.”

EXIT: gray flannel insurance field. ENTER: living life Left of the Dial.

That’s the core message of my memoir Left of the Dial: acting false to yourself creates ill health. Living your passions and doing what gives you joy liberates you.

My mantra in life is now: embrace your difference. Celebrate the things that make you the one and only you in this lifetime. Be not afraid to dare to do your own thing.

Dare. Risk acting true to yourself in a world of fakes and copycats.

Each of us will only be happy if what we do meshes with and reinforces who we are.

Entrepreneurial Passion?

I’m all for it.

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