Be Determined. Never Quit.

I was fortunate to use the services of a trainer at the gym for close to five years until he departed.

The guy now opened his own gym with the motto: “Bring strength to life.” His website tells us: Be determined. Never quit.

This is so true. You might be tempted to lose hope and you might have no faith that things can change for the better. That’s OK. Simply continuing to take action in the direction of your goals is all that matters.

If you can’t achieve what you wanted see if there’s something else you can do instead. Abandoning a goal when it turns out not to be the one that’s right for you is a sign of strength and courage.

I’m grateful I had the trainer in my life for as long as I did. I respected and admired that he had a ton of ambition and I’m glad he was able to move on to do better things.

It is possible for a person diagnosed with schizophrenia bipolar or another MI to set goals and achieve them. We’re not doomed to failure for the rest of our lives.

In this regard of not quitting I can tell you it’s possible to find a therapist after a five-month search

Be determined. Never quit is an apt motto when it comes to the life-changing goals a person has.

You can certainly quit when things turn out not to be the right thing  for you to do. I learned this early in life when I had the courage to go back to school to get a job in a career that I liked and would be good at.

My self-help book I expect to publish within three years. I’ll talk about this closer to the publication date.

Bringing strength to life? I’m all for this.

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