Beautiful Things Are Never Perfect

I bought an ocean-blue tee shirt with white letters that proclaim: Beautiful Things Are Never Perfect.

This seems to apply to life more than anything. Living your life and living in recovery is not ever perfect. You keep on walking even when the road is long.

A female singer titled her song “I’ll Take the Long Road.” Sometimes: the long road is the only road you have to go down to arrive at a better place in your life. The hardest-won victory is the sweetest.

This is ultimately why I champion getting the right help right away: as hard as life is living with schizophrenia for most people, it should not have to be exponentially harder because treatment was delayed or is non-existent.

At long last I found a therapist. In the 1990s I read that people who enter therapy go on to increase their income. I told a guy this back then. Two years later he saw me on a subway platform and told me: “You were right Chris. I had therapy sessions, and I got a higher-paying job.”

Entering therapy can help a person set and achieve goals. Talking to a therapist can help a person live through a hard time they’re experiencing.

Remember: Beautiful Things Are Never Perfect. Life isn’t perfect and neither are human beings.

It’s not a mark of shame to enter therapy. U2 titled a song: “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.”

And hey, it’s true that you can increase your income by going into therapy.

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