Voting and Counting

Years ago in New York City the “I Vote I Count” campaign drive sought to register to vote people diagnosed with mental illnesses. This was easily circa the 1990s and early 2000s.

Though I do think most elected officials are corrupt and some are as crooked as the Leaning Tower of Pisa I do think everyone living in America should get out and vote in every election.

The year I turned 18 was an election year. I’m 50 now. I’ve been voting in every election since I was 18–this year is my 33rd year of voting.

You can get a voter registration form at your local public library and fill it out and send it in to register to vote.

My mother always told me that you shouldn’t tell people who you voted for. I can remember that I’d be a kid off from school and she’d take me when she went to vote on Election Day.

A guy thinks the arc of history will right itself and progress. I’m skeptical about this. Most of all because it will progress only if citizens in the U.S. get actively involved and petition elected officials to act on causes and reforms each of us thinks need to be enacted.

Yet right now the government is NOT for the people by the people. It’s for the rich by rich people in the pockets of big business who allow unethical businesses to remain unchecked like a runaway train.

Knowing this wouldn’t you at least want to get out and vote for a candidate you thought did sometimes have the American people at heart? I have a friend who votes Libertarian. Coming from New York City I’ve fallen in with a Green Party crowd.

A famous quote about the management of a company is that it treats employees like mushrooms: feeds them a lot of bull and keeps them in the dark. The more you and I know the more we get involved we can at least not collude in allowing others to treat us like mushrooms.

Each of us has the right as an American to get out and vote. Just think in the Middle East women traditionally couldn’t vote. Just think in a lot of African countries no one could vote in a free election. Other people in the world have been denied the right to vote.

Now in America laws are being enacted that deny people the right to vote. That’s no joke and it’s happening right now right here in America.

I urge you to register to vote and to get out and vote in each election. Even if you vote for Ted Cruz or whoever you vote for. Even if you vote for Hillary Clinton.

Just do it: Rock the Vote.

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