Sephora Showdown

A new Sephora opened in town.

It was worth it to wait on line outside the store for 35 minutes to gain entrance on the opening day.

The people-watching couldn’t be beat.

A microcosm of American women waited to get in. Ladies in hijabs. A teen in blue jeans texting while on line. A woman with a neon-pink headscarf.

I have altered a few details to protect confidentiality.

The point is women of all colors and creeds shop at Sephora. The desire to use makeup to brighten our faces and to feel good unites us.

Once inside I zoomed in on the $14 mascara I wanted to buy.

Waiting on line I heard the woman standing behind me complain:
“This line is taking too long. That woman at the register shouldn’t be taking all that time. Using those teenagers to get discounts.”

Lady shut up I wanted to say. You can afford to shop in Sephora so zip your lip.

Time’s up on acting entitled. It’s time to show privilege the door.

The cashiers were just doing their job. They’re not paid enough to have to put up with this noxious noise.

It took 10 minutes for me to get served. When I’m grateful to be alive and can walk down the street without getting shot at I’m not going to complain about anything.

My goal is to act bolder. I told a friend I wanted to act more assertive. To this he said: “You already are assertive.”

I encourage all women whether younger or older to make a statement. To not be afraid to speak out.

To stand for something as well as standing in line at Sephora.

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